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How to Make the Best Cup of Restaurant Coffee

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Not everyone makes the best cup of restaurant coffee.

Brewing coffee seems simple, but brewing an excellent cup of coffee in your restaurant is an art.

People drink more coffee daily than ever before. Even if coffee is not the main thing served in your restaurant, an excellent cup of coffee brings customers in and keeps them coming back for more.

Here is how to set yourself apart from the competition and make the perfect cup of coffee.

The Beans

The beans are the coffee. You must choose well.

The Best Bean?

When searching for the perfect bean, know the two main bean varieties: Robusta or Arabica.

For the best quality coffee, stick to Arabica beans. Widely accepted as the better bean in taste and texture, arabica beans have many health benefits too.

Once you find your source for beans, experiment with flavors. Offer a variety to keep customers returning for new flavors and options.

To Bean or Grind?

Choose whole beans over pre-ground coffee.

Nothing turns off a coffee lover like stale coffee. The best way to keep your coffee fresh is to buy whole beans, then grind them on site.

Be sure to grind beans based on the type of coffee you serve. A coarse grind is best when using a French press. Finely ground beans are best for espresso.

The Brew

Use quality elements throughout the brewing process.

  • Choose quality filters. This area is not the place to save a buck. Cheap filters ruin great coffee.
  • Do not overheat. Brewing at too high of a temperature will result in bitter coffee. Shoot for a temp of 200F for best brewing.
  • Use clean water. If your beans are excellent, but your water is bad, your coffee will not impress your best coffee fanatics.If the water in your area has a funny taste, consider a water filtration system.

However, it is not only about the brewing process and ingredients. Your equipment is critical to good coffee.

The Battery

Your battery of equipment is one of the most important parts of brewing the best coffee in town. Like the beans, you owe it to your customers to choose the right equipment for your restaurant.

Research First

Before you buy equipment, do your research.

The shiniest equipment is not always the best. Likewise, going cheap to get your shop started will not do your beans justice.

Decide how much coffee you will serve, consider what fits your budget, and ask other coffee experts for recommendations.

Keep it Clean

After you have your equipment, keep it clean.

Dirty machines do not brew good coffee. Throw out the day’s used grounds every night. Deep clean all equipment every couple of weeks.

Brew the Best Restaurant Coffee

No matter your type of restaurant, make and serve the best restaurant coffee.

Even if it is not your main menu item, the aroma is free! Keep it brewing. The smell of good coffee brings customers in for a cup and a look at your menu.

Are you already serving that amazing cup of coffee? Contact us to keep your equipment clean and well-maintained.

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