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How to Choose the Right Coffee and Beverage Equipment for Your Restaurant

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Are you planning to open a coffee shop or restaurant? This is an exciting endeavor!

Amongst all the planning, a key ingredient to your success is undoubtedly purchasing the right beverage equipment. The right machines can enhance your shop’s offerings and provide customers with a reason to keep coming back. You want your restaurant to be successful so cutting corners and sacrificing quality is not an option.

So what type of equipment do you need in order to offer quality beverages?

We’ve put together a quick checklist to consult when shopping for new commercial beverage equipment. Read on to learn more.

Calling All Caffeine Connoisseurs

If you’re opening a coffee shop or introducing espresso-based drinks, a quality espresso maker and grinder is essential. Since 1901 when Luigi Bezzerra patented the world’s first single-serving espresso machine, the industry has seen a tremendous boost in sales worldwide.

Semi-Automatic and Manual Machines

It’s vital to understand the different types of machines on the current market. The two main options for espresso machines are manual and semi-automatic. These options satisfy different needs and requirements for espresso.

If you recently opened a new coffee shop, more than likely you’ll need a manual machine. Manual machines give the barista complete control of multiple espresso shots and milk frothing. These machines are complex and temperate — think of them as the stick-shift car of espresso machines.

Semi-automatic machines are great if you’re just now introducing coffee to your menu. These machines usually have one group-head. But don’t be fooled — having one group-head doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to produce a solid espresso shot.

Semi-automatic machines require more attention than automatic machines. The barista starts and stops the espresso shot, steams the milk and adds the flavor. If you opt for this type of machine, make sure your baristas are trained properly.

Espresso Machines

It’s easy to walk down the espresso machine aisle and fall in love with the first shiny machine you see. Avoid the temptation to do this. Do your research before you even make it to the aisle.

Consider the size of the machine and where you plan to put it. If you’re opening a coffee shop, look for a machine that has multiple group-heads. If you purchase an espresso machine with only one group-head, you’ll be terribly under-prepared for the morning rush.

If coffee is something you’re adding to an established menu, you won’t need as big of a machine. Choose a machine with one or two group-heads. Estimate how much coffee you foresee selling and buy a machine that can sustain the amount of outgoing coffee.

Bring Out the Beverage Equipment

When looking for commercial beverage equipment, ask yourself how many different beverages you plan on serving. The number of beverages determines the size of your preferred machine.

Assess your price range and how many beverages you can realistically dispense at one time. Keep your budget and the size of the machine in mind.

When you’re dispensing beverages, you’ll have to consider ice supply requirements. Your customers are counting on having an ice cold drink, so it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing a quality ice machine.

There are two main types of ice dispensers in commercial beverage machines — cubed ice machine and a nugget ice machine. Some advanced machines offer both. Select the one that best fits your needs and customer preferences.

What’s It Made Of?

The material your beverage equipment is made of dictates and alters the quality of the drink.

If your budget allows, opt for a stainless steel option. This is usually the most durable material. Stainless steel lasts longer than other materials and also is better at preventing bacteria.

Do Your Research

The most important part of buying any piece of equipment is to do adequate research. Beverage equipment is no different.

Define your budget and requirements for a beverage dispenser and look at what’s available. With this research and a realistic expectation, you’ll be more satisfied with your beverage dispenser’s ability.

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