Services Offered

We have decades of experience repairing various beverage equipment. This includes Coffee, Espresso, Soda Fountain, Granita, Juice, water filtration and much more. We cover a 60 mile radius from our headquarters in Vista.  This includes all of San Diego, Orange County, Temecula and Hemet. We have a whatever it takes approach  to get customers equipment back up and running.

We perform Reactive Services utilizing real time dispatch technologies. We dispatch our factory trained service technicians  24/7. All of our service vehicles are stocked with common service parts. Our goal is to complete most repairs in the first rip.

We offer Preventative Maintenance we can customize a maintenance program that enables your equipment to operate at peak performance with less cost and down time for emergency repair services.

We are ready to assist with Installations and Removals. Equipment can be sent directly to our warehouse in Vista. We are ready to install equipment and train your staff.  We can plan and coordinate large scale projects seamlessly.

We are ready to help you select and install a Water Treatment System that is specifically designed for your needs, based on water conditions and the application. Our water systems will help keep your equipment running efficiently for years to come.   We look forward to helping you keep your equipment going with little or no down time. Our reputation and quality of service is always a priority over profits!

Espresso Machine Maintenance

Your espresso machine is an investment, one that will allow you to enjoy quality coffee and espresso drinks for years to come. However, to keep your machine performing at optimal levels, it is critical that you set a maintenance schedule and then keep to it. Consistency and precision are important parts of a successful coffee program, allowing you to produce the best quality coffee product possible to generate better sales and repeat customers.

Part of your maintenance schedule needs to include regular deep cleaning of all the jets and internal tubes. You also want to have all aspects of the machine checked for any potential cracks or signs of wear and tear. An espresso machine uses less energy when left on all the time versus shutting them down at night, because they do not have to warm themselves back up.

With years of experience, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in determining the type of maintenance your machines need, as well as connections to a service team that can provide the necessary maintenance.

Additionally, you need to make sure that you are using quality water and that means putting in a water treatment and filtration system. The tubes, jets, and boiler can easily become clogged by the smallest particles (minerals) that can be found in your tap water. With the right water filtration system in place, you can keep your machine running smoothly for longer.

When you create a scheduled maintenance schedule, then you are limiting the downtime of your machine for potential repairs. Plus, you can catch any issues before they start, giving your machine a longer life. Identifying potential repairs means you can schedule them right away and thus improve the overall functionality of your espresso or coffee and tea brewers.

This process involves checking all major areas of your machine, as well as replacing jets, tubes, or the boiler according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule based on your use. The benefits to your business involve creating a quality product every time, while limiting the chance that your machine will be down for long periods due to an unexpected repair. Plus, if you can identify potential problems early, you can reduce overhead by ordering parts in advance, instead of having them rushed at an additional shipping cost.

You can also save energy, because your machine will be running at its optimum performance. An espresso machine can run up your energy bill if it is running efficiently. When the gaskets and seals on your espresso machine begin to leak, then the machine will start to run on overdrive, which means it is demanding more energy and more water to maintain its operating temperatures. This added load can further stress the seals, electrical, and mechanical parts, thus making the problem even worse.

Deep cleanings are also can prevent the buildup of scale. A quarter inch of scale of build up in your copper pipes and brass fittings can cause a heat loss of about 50%, which can negatively impact the performance of your machine and the quality of the coffee and espresso.

Get the best from your machine through a routine maintenance plan.

At N.C.B we DO NOT sell coffee or any products that are used in the equipment. Integrity to our customers is paramount. We work for many different distributors who sell products. We are beverage equipment repair specialists NOT product specialists.

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