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As COVID-19 restrictions loosen, now is the best time to tune up your commercial espresso machine

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If you own a local restaurant or café, you are eagerly looking toward the loosening of restaurant restrictions so you can start serving your customers once again. Depending on where your restaurant is, you might have already been serving customers through drive-thru or carry-out methods.

That means your commercial espresso machine has not been working hard, but hardly working. Before you start ramping back up for increased demand, you should consider having your commercial espresso machine serviced and make sure you are following a routine maintenance schedule. Why is that important?

Check for Potential Buildup

When your commercial espresso machine is checked over, the technician can determine if any buildup has occurred while your machine set idle. They can also make sure that all your tubes and connections have a deep clean to keep your coffee and espressos tasting great.

You should also use this time to review your daily cleaning procedures to avoid contributing to buildup in your commercial espresso machine. Take the time to review the cleaning products that you are using and that everyone knows how they should be used to get the most benefit out of them.

Opportunity to Replace Any Worn Parts

Since your machine has not been used as frequently, there might be wear and tear that you have missed. A tune-up will help to find any worn out parts that need to be replaced before your commercial espresso machine is put back to maximum capacity. Doing this tune-up can also help to avoid having a worn part break down when your restaurant is up and running, which would be the worst time to have your commercial espresso machine out of order.

Here are a few of the small parts that should be checked out:

  • Steam and hot water valve or rings
  • Expansion valve
  • Anti-suction valve
  • Waste pipe
  • Portafilter baskets
  • Brew actuator bearing
  • Shoulder bolt shims

Your technician will check over all these valves and parts to determine what, if any, need to be replaced.

Check Your Steam Tank

If the quality of your water is mineral heavy, then you could end up with a calcified steam tank. To avoid having to deal with this problem, your tune-up could include a decalcification. You might also want to regularly schedule to drain your steam tank completely at least twice a year to ensure that it performs with the highest quality.

Check Your Filters in Your Water System

While your small business was closed, you might not have thought about your water filtration system. Before you start running all your commercial espresso machine, now is the time to check those filters and replace any that might have been skipped. Also, make sure that your water filtration system is running at an optimal level before you start increasing your demand on that system.

With individuals finally able to go out and enjoy their favorite restaurants and coffee shops, it is critical that your commercial espresso machine and other equipment are ready for the rush. Contact us today to learn about our maintenance options and schedule an appointment.

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