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The Difference Between Leasing or Buying a Commercial Espresso Machine

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An espresso machine can make or break a business. Any café or restaurant that serves hot beverages should have one. In fact, many other companies have invested in these machines to stimulate their workers throughout the day.

However, some companies differ in how they get their commercial espresso machine. Some decide to go all in and buy an espresso machine. Other businesses may rent their machine instead.

The choice of buying an espresso machine or renting one can be a challenge to navigate. Fortunately, we can provide some tips to simplify that choice. Check out our guide below to decide which route is best for your business!

Things to Consider When Looking for a Commercial Espresso Machine

There are several things to consider when looking for commercial espresso machines. First, understand that price quotes and packages differ depending on your provider and the machine model. This holds true when you rent an espresso machine, too.

If you decide to rent a commercial-grade espresso machine, look at quotes from different companies. You can likely find one that best meets your office’s needs.

Also, consider looking into payment plans for a commercial espresso machine for sale. Then, compare those payment plans to a rental agreement you like. This can help you decide which option is best for you.

If possible, it’s best to examine the machine in person. Then, you can decide whether the appliance is worth the investment you’re making.

Differences Between Purchasing and Renting

You may be surprised at how many differences exist between buying and renting commercial espresso machines. Theoretically, both options work at getting you the commercial espresso machine you need. However, they also come with different responsibilities and obligations.

Liability of Buying Commercial Espresso Machines

When you purchase a commercial espresso machine, you become responsible for its maintenance and usage. If something happens to your employees or customers because of the machine, you bear the liability.

Most rental companies offer company contracts that include service. So, the provider assumes responsibility for operational errors. Renting the machine often eliminates this liability.

However, this liability comes with a cost. Most companies that assume liability also charge higher monthly rent payments.

Flexibility of Renting

When you rent a machine, it’s easier to swap one model for another. Sometimes, your existing model may not meet your needs at the time.

However, buying an espresso machine usually locks you in. Swapping that machine for another model can become an expensive venture.

Which Is More Cost-Effective?

Some businesses may benefit from buying a machine upfront. However, purchasing machines usually includes a higher outright payment.

In contrast, renting requires a lower upfront cost. In exchange, you’ll receive consistent monthly payments on a payment plan.

Find the Commercial Espresso Machine You Need

Buying or renting a commercial espresso machine can be an excellent investment for your business. All you have to do is decide which approach best suits your company.

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