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The Benefits of Renting a Commercial Espresso Machine

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According to the National Coffee Association, over 66% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee a day. Therefore, even if your restaurant isn’t a cafĂ©, you’ll probably get plenty of coffee orders. Even if you own an industrial or corporate business, your workers should appreciate having coffee options on hand.

A commercial espresso machine is one of the best ways to provide coffee to workers and/or customers. However, you have to be careful how you procure one for your business. There are several ways to do so; some may be better than others.

Read on if you’re thinking of renting or buying an espresso machine. This article will discuss some advantages of a commercial espresso machine rental over a purchase.


The latest model of a commercial espresso machine can cost your business thousands of dollars. You can lower this price a bit by purchasing a second-hand model. However, if you do so, you can face many other issues.

With espresso maker rental, you’ll pay a monthly fee. This will usually cost you a few hundred dollars. The final fee depends on the rental company you work with.

The fees for a multi-thousand-dollar loan can quickly overwhelm a business, especially if it’s small. The monthly fees can eventually add up to the cost of a new coffee maker. However, monthly fees can be easier to pay off with your company’s monthly profits.


A brand new espresso machine should have a warranty. This will save you from the cost of repair up to a point. Once the warranty expires, you’ll end up having to pay the cost of potentially expensive repairs.

This won’t be the case with a rental. If your rented espresso machine breaks, you can return it to the rental company. They should replace or repair it and return it to you at no cost.

Variety of Machines

Your business needs will change over time. As they do, you’ll likely feel the need to change the model of your business espresso machine. However, if you’ve purchased a machine, it will be very expensive to replace it.

This isn’t the case when you’re renting an espresso maker. The rental company should allow you to exchange it for another model without any additional cost. If you wish, you may also even be able to try several different models and see which works best for your business.

Hire Our Commercial Espresso Machine Rental Services

Keep in mind that this article only shows one viewpoint. There are plenty of advantages to buying a commercial espresso machine as well. Be sure to look this up to get the full picture.

Whether you choose to buy or rent, we can offer you either machine procurement option. We also have a wide variety of commercial espresso machines along with other coffee equipment. We also provide repair services to keep your equipment at its highest level of effectiveness.

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