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The Benefits of Leasing a Commercial Espresso Machine

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Coffee is one of the most widely-consumed beverages in America. People in the United States down around 400 million cups of joe every single day to get their caffeine fixes.

If you operate a cafe or restaurant, chances are that you will need to serve coffee and espresso drinks. A commercial espresso machine is an essential aspect of this industry to meet the expectations of their guests.

You may wonder what the difference is between buying and leasing a commercial espresso machine. Here are some of the biggest advantages to leasing an espresso machine rather than shelling out to own one.

Minimal Cost Each Month

A good quality commercial espresso machine can run you thousands of dollars upon purchase. Even if you have financing options, you will still spend much more over time.

By leasing a commercial espresso machine, you can pay a monthly fee to keep your machine and use funds to help build your business in other areas.

Investing in your business in other areas could bring in more customers or allow you to upgrade your space if you want to expand in the future.

Take Advantage of Product Support

When your equipment breaks or you have a problem, it can be a costly repair if you own an espresso machine. However, you can easily contact customer support to get help quickly when you lease.

You may also be able to send in your machine to get a replacement from the leasing company. If you own an espresso machine that is out of warranty, it will be costly to buy a new one.

Get a Break on Taxes

Business equipment like espresso machines often qualifies for tax benefits as well. You may have to check with your state, but you can often write off the lease cost for tax relief.

With the amount you receive in tax relief, you can invest it into other business areas.

Experiment With Different Machines

Leasing a commercial espresso machine allows for more flexibility in your business. You can either buy your machine outright at the end of the lease or switch to an upgrade.

You may discover that your customers have different tastes when it comes to espresso drinks. You can accommodate and potentially grow your business with a more versatile machine.

If you need more capacity, you can upgrade to a larger or more efficient machine. You can simply turn in your old machine and begin leasing a new one rather than trying to get rid of or sell the old one.

Lease a Commercial Espresso Machine Today

Good espresso doesn’t have to be hard to come by. With a commercial espresso machine at your fingertips, you can create delicious drinks for all of your customers.

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