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3 reasons why the Curtis D500 coffee brewer is the office go to

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Every office has its hard-core coffee drinkers, those who need a few cups to get through the day. Perhaps your company has several coffee drinkers and you are thinking of making an investment in coffee equipment beyond the traditional residential coffee maker. There are a variety of industrial coffee brewers that bring different benefits, depending on the needs of your office.

With that in mind, we have put together 3 reasons why you should choose the Curtis D500 coffee brewer as your office go to for keeping the coffee flowing throughout the day. Before we do that, let’s learn what the Curtis D500 coffee brewer is.

The Basics of the Curtis D500 coffee brewer

First, it is important to know that the Curtis D500 is a commercial coffee brewer, but it is created in order to keep the coffee at the ideal temperature without scorching it. The unit can be programmed to provide flexibility for whole and half batches of coffee.

Plus, you do not have to use an extra heat source to keep the coffee tasting hot and fresh. Now let’s dive into the benefits of choosing this coffee brewing option for your office.

Brewing Modes are Flexible

There are different brewing modes that can enhance the flavor and taste of the coffee as it is brewing. Pick pre-infusion or pulse brew to fit your coffee option. Plus, with the ability to define how much coffee you want made through the digital options, then you have the benefit of saving money for the office by only making as much coffee as will get drank.

They also encourage you to have a water filtration system in use, to avoid mineral buildup, which could negatively impact the taste of the coffee and the overall performance of the coffee equipment.

Lockout Options for Brewing

One of the problems with brewing coffee in traditional coffee makers is that they can start brewing before the water is at the ideal temperature, which can impact the flavor of the brew. Coffee equipment with this feature can also provide hot water at the right temperature for teas or hot chocolate for those members of your team not interested in drinking coffee.

There are also energy saving options, which means your machine will record the movement of water. If there is no water movement, then it will automatically turn itself off, saving energy and avoiding the process of assigning that job to someone in the office. They also have included measures to make sure that your elements are not working to warm up an empty coffee pot, thus shortening the life of your coffee equipment.

Easy to Setup and Maintain

While it does take a short period of time to warm up the water for brewing, once it gets starts, the Curtis D500 can handle the demands of your office. It is also easy to take apart and clean. By making sure that you follow the maintenance suggestions from the manufacturer, then your coffee equipment can last for a long time. For instance, when you first set up the coffee equipment, then you need to brew more than 12 ounces of coffee, making sure to purge the water lines of any air that that might have gotten trapped after filling it.

However, you might be wondering what type of maintenance is required and how often it needs to be done to keep your coffee equipment working at an optimal level. Our team not only provides quality coffee equipment to fit the needs of your office, we also provide routine maintenance schedules to help you keep your coffee equipment working at its best.

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