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How to Draw More Customers With a Commercial Espresso Machine

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If you run one of the 65,000+ coffee shops in the U.S., you know how hard it can be to keep up with demand. Your team’s busy making drinks, but another group of customers is always waiting in line who seem to be getting impatient.

The solution? A commercial espresso machine.

When used correctly, these machines can increase customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line by creating better-tasting drinks that take less time to make. Read on to find out how you can use these machines to attract more customers.

Offer a Better Product

The first and most important step to turning your commercial espresso maker into a money-making machine is offering a better product than the competition. You want to offer customers freshness, quality, and consistency in their coffee drinks.

When it comes to taste, nothing beats fresh ground beans. But if you’re using pre-ground espresso beans, choose an option that’s stored in an airtight container so that they stay fresh longer.

Your team should also have a standard procedure for making espresso. It helps to opt for a semi-automatic espresso machine to remove some guesswork.

Finally, consistency is essential if you want people to come back again and again. Never settle for anything less than the best beans, and never change your brewing technique unless you’ve found something better.

Use Local Coffee Beans

The quality of your coffee depends largely on two factors:

  • Where you source it from
  • How much attention you give to its preparation when brewing it

If possible, try purchasing local beans from farms or roasters within driving distance (ideally within 100 miles). You’ll find that these kinds of coffees are fresher than anything shipped by mail order—and who wouldn’t want a cup of freshly roasted beans?

Know Your Machine

To get the most out of your coffee machine, you’ll need to understand how it works and what goes into pulling good shots. When making espresso, a few important factors come into play:

  • Temperature and pressure of the water
  • Time in contact with the coffee grounds
  • Cleanliness of your equipment

Knowing these things will help maximize the quality of your end product. Turn to your instruction manual for guidance if you have any questions about operating and maintaining your commercial espresso machine.

Serve With Pride

The final step to drawing more customers to your coffee shop is having a happy barista with lots of espresso experience. It’s important for them to understand how each ingredient affects the flavor profile of coffee and how they can alter their technique depending on what kind of espresso machine you have.

If you’re using high-volume espresso machines, like the Class 5 USB 3 Group, your barista needs to know how to pull multiple espresso shots and steam milk. They should be able to do this without sacrificing quality. You can also show them how to make latte art, adding another level of flair to your business.

Opt for the Best Commercial Espresso Machine

By using the right commercial espresso machine and training your team, you can serve specialty coffee that will attract more customers. The ability to serve espresso drinks is a big draw for coffee lovers, and it’s something that will distinguish your business from others in the area.

A team of pro baristas on your side is excellent, but what really matters is having the right equipment. NCB Sales offers a wide selection of commercial espresso machines to help you get started.Contact our sales team to learn more about how our espresso makers can help you grow your business.

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