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How To Choose the Right Commercial Espresso Machine

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commercial espresso machineDid you knowthat 146 billion cups of coffee are consumed by Americans alone per year? Many of those come in the form of espresso or espresso drinks. Consumers love espresso variations, like lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos.

That is why investing in a commercial espresso machine is crucial for your business. A quick search into the world of commercial espresso makers will show that there is a wide range of options, prices, and features. Here, we will help you decide how to choose an espresso machine.

Commercial Espresso Machine Types

There are three different espresso machine styles to choose from. Some allow customization of specific brew parameters, while others have a more automated approach to create consistency and ease.

The best commercial espresso machine will be the one that best suits your business.


Manual espresso machines are also known as lever controlled. These are usually older machines and offer a more vintage and retro feel to the business. They are often found in smaller coffee shops that focus just on coffee options and taste.

Manual espresso machines are also entirely reliant on the barista as they require more work. The barista controls the output of the brew as they physically must apply pressure to it. This pressure can be taxing on the individual.

These machines also require more maintenance. Their spring-assisted lever system has more parts and, thus, more things that require upkeep. This can lead lever-controlled machines to end up being costly over time.


This commercial espresso machine type is very popular. It combines the best of both worlds and can produce the highest quality coffee. The barista still controls the brew’s start and stop, but it is done by pushing a button.

The barista can still customize brew quality. These machines require an attentive and knowledgeable barista. They must pull shots from the machine, stop espresso pouring, and be aware of any fluctuations in pressure should they occur.

Semi-automatic commercial espresso machines are excellent choices for coffee shops and cafés that offer pastries and small plates.


Automatic commercial espresso machines provide the most hands-off approach to espresso making. The barista starts the process with the push of a button, and the machine will stop pouring by itself. There are pre-programmed amounts of water and pressure on these machines, which, once achieved, makes it stop automatically.

These machines allow the barista to focus on other tasks, like food prep. Suppose you intend to have a café or restaurant-style business that serves several food options and not just pastries or intend to have a very high-volume coffee shop. In that case, the automatic machine is the best espresso machine to go with.

Just keep in mind that all this automation comes at a price. Automatic commercial espresso makers are the more expensive option and require regular maintenance, which a professional must often do.

Ready for Your Espresso Machine?

Coffee is a staple in the lives of millions. It can be how they start their mornings, how they get through the mid-afternoon workload, or how they finish a great dinner. Contribute to that by providing your customers with quality espresso drinks.

Whether you decided on which commercial espresso machine to go with or still have questions,contact us today!

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