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How Temperature Can Affect Coffee Equipment Performance

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Owning a restaurant or coffee house involves providing quality food and drinks to your customers, thus building a reputation that keeps your customers coming back. Keeping up with your coffee equipment repairs is necessary to maintain that quality.

Additionally, you need to be aware of whether your coffee equipment is maintaining the proper temperature, since it can impact the quality of the drinks produced. Learn how temperature can affect your coffee equipment performance.

Impact of Temperature on Your Coffee Experience

When you first get your cup of coffee, it is so enjoyable. But as your coffee begins to cool, the flavors and aromas begin to change. Your coffee might actually have a different level of sweetness, fruitiness, or floral flavor. Why the change in the taste and aroma?

Chemical reactions that take place due to fluctuations in temperature can shift how we perceive flavors and aromas. Another way that temperature impacts the quality of your coffee is how hot you have the brewing water. Clearly, your coffee equipment has the ability to impact the flavor of your coffee drinks simply by its ability to get your brewing water to the right temperature.

Hot water can extract most of the compounds we perceive in coffee, so the hotter the water your team brews with, the more extractable the compounds you get in your drink. When your coffee equipment is not getting your water temperature up high enough, your coffee might not have the best flavor or aroma, which could negatively affect the experience for your customers.

Temperature Impacts the Caffeine Intensity

Another way that temperature can impact your coffee’s quality is by the intensity of the caffeine. Let’s face it, caffeine is one of the reasons we all pick up that cup of our favorite coffee or espresso. How does temperature impact your caffeine intensity?

When coffee is brewed with hot water, then it naturally extracts more caffeine. But cold brew concentrate is typically much stronger and contains far more caffeine than the same amount of liquid drip coffee. However, temperature is just one aspect that impacts caffeine intensity. Other factors include grind size and contact time.

Your caffeine content also is impacted by how fast you drink it. When you drink it quickly, you get the coffee into your system sooner and enjoy a greater level of caffeine intensity. Overall, caffeine levels are not significantly different from roast or temperature, but hot coffee typically had slightly higher caffeine levels. Light coffee also tends to have slightly lower levels of caffeine.

As a restaurant owner, getting the best experience for your customers means making sure that your coffee equipment is getting the water to the right temperature to maximize the flavor and aroma for your customers. If you are struggling to get your brewing water up to the right temperature, coffee equipment repairs might be in your future.

Our team has decades of experience working with commercial coffee equipment repairs and maintenance, thus helping your business to deliver the highest quality products. Contact our team today to schedule a appointment for your coffee equipment repair and maintenance or to discuss options to increase the variety of coffee drinks you offer.

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