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Ensuring Your Commercial Espresso Equipment Performs

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It is important to ensure that commercial espresso equipment repairs and maintenance are both done regularly. Doing so can ensure that the equipment will run as smooth as possible. The coffee served will also be at peak quality as intended when using the equipment. Repairs and maintenance can be divided into daily, weekly, and annual routines.

Daily Routine

Make sure that each espresso group head is back flushed every evening. For presentation, use a cloth to wipe the espresso machine. Use a wet cloth for any areas where there may have been spills that have dried up from earlier that day.

The grinder, brew pots and brewing chambers on the drip brewers must be cleaned every day. This is to ensure that the quality of the coffee being served will not deteriorate. Another good addition to this routine is to make sure that all mugs, if provided, are cleaned and wiped for use the next day.

Weekly Routine

Detach all parts that can be removed on the espresso machine. Clean them with the appropriate materials as stated on the manual. Most components such as group handles, filter baskets, and group head shower screens will need to be soaked in 1 tablespoon of espresso machine detergent and 1 quart (about 1 liter) of hot water for an extended period of time, preferably overnight.

Use soap and water for the removable grinder hoppers. Ensure that they are dried overnight. With the coffee brewer, it is important that the brew head, screen, plate, among other parts, are removed and cleaned. They can affect how the coffee tastes if left unclean for too long.

Year-round Routine

Although it can be done every year, replacing the gaskets of the commercial espresso machine twice a year can prevent it from failing while being used. Factor in how often the machine is being used depending on the needs of everyone using it. The wear and tear can cause the components like the o-rings, steam arm, group head, and steam valve gaskets to start failing.

Rebuilding the anti-suction valve and steam assembly twice a year is a good way to prevent the equipment from underperforming. The boiler level probe has to be cleaned every 6 months as well. Contact a local service repair that specializes in your commercial espresso equipment to ensure that your machine is properly optimized and lasts you.

Make sure that you replace the pressure safety valve, waste pipe, portafilter baskets, and sight glass every year. Have the commercial espresso equipment inspected for any steam or water leaks. Get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent severe water damage. Ensuring proper machine service by a licensed repair provider is the best way to ensure that all bases are covered.

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