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Extend the Life of a Commercial Espresso Machine by Hiring a Certified Coffee Vending Machine Supplier

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When buying a commercial coffee vending machine, you want to make sure you are efficiently taking care of your investment. Overtime, your coffee and espressos will not taste like they once did if you do not efficiently care for your machine. Although you may think your espresso machine is clean, there are many impurities that can build up and jeopardize the flavor of the espresso you are serving customers.


Do these things each day to ensure your customers enjoy each espresso they buy from you.

  • Always dump out grounds after each brew.
  • Rinse out the portafilter with hot water to ensure all grounds are gone.
  • Make sure there is no residue left behind.
  • Rinse shower screen and scrub with a brush.
  • Run steam through the frothing wand to ensure there is no milk residue.
  • Give the frothing wand a wipe with a rag to take away any milk that may reside.
  • Give the exterior of the machine a wipe down each day.

Weekly and Monthly

Every espresso machine will differ. If you are not sure what type of maintenance your machine requires it is best to consult with a certified coffee vending machine specialist. Each month you will need to descale your machine, and this may seem a bit intimidating for some. If you are running a coffee house and want to ensure your machine is care for correctly, it may be best to have certified professionals come perform monthly maintenance.

Plus, some machines may require this to keep the warranty intact. Make sure you check out all the stipulations when purchasing a commercial espresso machine, as it is an investment. If cared for correctly, your machine will last you for years to come, and your customers will continue to come back for your delicious espresso. You do not want to jeopardize your reputation by not caring for your machine correctly.

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