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4 Beverage Dispensing Tips

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Do you ever wonder why some restaurants have better-tasting fountain drinks than others? A lot of that comes down to the way each place approaches beverage dispensing.

For instance, McDonald’s has a bunch of devoted fans who say their Coke is among the best in the business. That is not a coincidence, as the fast food giant does specific things to achieve that taste, such as store the soda in stainless steel containers and pre-chill the syrups.

Your food establishment does not have to go that far, especially since most small restaurants do not exactly have the budget of McDonald’s. You can, however, take steps to ensure that your beverage dispenser is operating at peak performance.

Here are four tips for better beverage dispensing.

Offer Choices

Offer a mix of beverage choices designed to appeal to as many customers as possible. For instance, diet soda is a popular choice for people who want a fizzy carbonated beverage without the sugar. Make sure to include one or two diet soda varieties in your beverage dispenser.

Not everyone will want a carbonated beverage, either, so try to offer some alternatives, such as hot tea and hot coffee, especially if you live in a place with frigid winters.

Treat the Water

Water is the most essential element in everything that you serve to customers. If something tastes off, it is probably a water issue.

The right water treatment plan is crucial to the success of your business. The minerals and substances present in your water will vary depending on where you live.

For example, some restaurant owners may have to filter out a lot of natural chlorine in their water, while others will have to worry about getting rid of sediment.

Keep It Clean

Every so often, a news organization that is bored likes to go to local food service establishments and test the beverage dispensers for bacteria, mold, E. coli, and other gross things.

It may feel like sensationalism, but the underlying point is a worthy one. Customers do not want to drink beverages from an improperly cleaned machine.

You should be cleaning both the interior and exterior parts of your beverage dispenser on a regular basis. For instance, nozzles get cleaned daily. Your drip tray should get wiped down multiple times a day, so it doesn’t get sticky.

Maintain the Right Temperature

Why is it so important for your machine to be dispensing cold soda? It is not just because cold soda tastes better than room temperature soda.

Soda syrup and carbonated water not stored at the right temperature are more likely to be flat. The last thing you need is customers approaching your employees all day and complaining the soda has no fizz.

Figure out the best way to keep your products cool, and then watch the beverage dispenser for any sudden changes in temperature.

The Keys to Beverage Dispensing

All the beverage dispensing tips in the world will not do any good if you are not using equipment from a reputable supplier. That is where we enter the picture.

We have decades of experience in both selling and repairing beverage equipment. Contact us today to find out how we can help your customers stay hydrated and refreshed.

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