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5 Reasons to Expand Your Drink Menu With a Commercial Espresso Machine

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If you’re a cafe owner, you probably wonder how to attract more people to your cafe. Did you know that some of the most successful people did their work in coffee shops? How can your cafe be put on the map with some creative who creates something in your coffee shop and makes it their remote office?

Well, it may be time to invest in a commercial espresso machine. There are so many reasons to do so, starting with the fact you’ll be attracting more customers.

Read on for the rest of the reasons to look into espresso machines for cafes.

1. Be More Creative With Your Menu

If you’re only selling drip coffee or cold brew, branching out to cappuccinos or cortados, an espresso mixed with warm milk to reduce the acidity, may be helpful to your business. Once potential customers know that you expanded your menu, you’ll see them flocking into your cafe.

You can even try adding lattes to your menu. Don’t just stop there! Think about different holiday lattes or something fun and different like a lavender latte or golden turmeric latte.

2. Make More Money

When you begin to attract more customers by purchasing an espresso machine, you’ll start to make more money! Usually, you can charge more for latte or cappuccinos than you can for a regular coffee.


3. More Environmentally Friendly

Depending on the espresso machine features that you decide to go with, espresso machines can be much more environmentally friendly than using machines that involve pods.

Instead, you can use any type of coffee ground that you like without having to worry about what to do with a pod after the fact.

Not only that, but you could market to your customers about the sustainability practices you are using. On top of that, you’ll feel good that your own cafe is doing what it can to save the planet.

4. Customize the Drinks

When you buy an espresso machine, you have more control over how you create the drinks (depending on the espresso machine features). When making a cappuccino, you can choose just how foamy you want the milk. Some even allow you to decide how thick your coffee grinds are for the espresso machine – changing up the drinks just a tad to your liking, thus making your café stand out to your customers.

5. Make Your Cafe Look Professional

Your cafe may already be cute. But is it professional?

If you’re looking to expand your reach and professional reputation, it’s time to invest in an espresso machine. With more experienced baristas, the espresso machine adds a touch of professionalism to the cafe, making it seem like there are years of experience under its belt.

It’s Time to Get an Espresso Machine

Buying an espresso machine has many benefits for your cafe. There are some for every espresso machine budget you may have! If you think it’s time to invest in one, you can take a look at our website or contact us with any questions.

You’ll have new customers and delicious coffee drinks in no time!

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