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3 Most Common Types of Commercial Espresso Machines and Their Uses

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According to Statista, espresso-based beverages are among the most popular gourmet coffee beverages in the United States. High-quality espresso drinks are popular drink choices in restaurants and coffee bars. If you want to expand your beverage offerings at your restaurant, then a commercial espresso machine is the obvious choice.

Before you decide on the commercial espresso machine for your restaurant, it will be important to consider how often you’ll be making espresso, how much control you want over the brewing process, and how experienced your staff is when it comes to making espresso drinks. Once you have that information, narrowing down which commercial espresso machines will work for you will be easier. In this blog, we’ll review some of the options available on commercial espresso machines and the advantages of adding one to your restaurant.

Most Common Commercial Espresso Machine Models

Commercial espresso machines have varying levels of automation, making it easier for your staff to create drinks promptly for your customers. Here are the different types of automation available and the advantages of each:

The Semi-Automatic

The semi-automatic espresso machine has a pump that drives the water through the group head. This model is the number one choice of experienced baristas because the semi-automatic model gives the barista full control over all the brewing variables – grinding the coffee beans, tamping the grounds, the duration of the extraction time, and steaming the milk. This overarching control over the espresso-making process delivers the highest quality beverage flavor.

Semi-Automatic Advantages and Applications

The semi-automatic is the most affordable option and is a good choice for businesses for coffee shops and cafes where espresso beverages are the primary focus of the menu. Semi-automatic machines produce between 180 and 720 cups per hour.

The Automatic

Just like the name, automatic espresso machines perform more functions than the semi-automatic model. The barista presses a button to brew and the machine controls how long the shot pulls either by volume or through an internal timing mechanism. Like the semi-automatic model, the automatic model drives water through the group head and automates the extraction time. These models do not automatically grind, dose, or tamp the coffee.

Automatic Advantages and Applications

Automatic espresso machines make 32 to 720 cups of espresso per hour. This model is the most affordable option, and it is a good choice for businesses with less experienced staff because it decreases the chance of human error. It is a popular choice for coffee shops, cafes, bakeries, and restaurants.

The Super Automatic

The super automatic does everything. They contain built-in bean grinders and programmed auto-frothing, so the machine controls the espresso-making process from start to finish. This model ensures consistency in drink flavor, is easy to operate, and is customizable to create specialty drinks with the push of a button.

Super Automatic Advantages and Applications

The super-automatic model reduces labor and comes with pre-programmable settings. It produces 40 to 180 cups per hour. It is easy to operate and is a good choice for high-volume coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Quick Milk Powder Module Cup Warmer

This commercial espresso machine is an example of technology meeting automation. Thanks to Bluetooth, it offers an external device to interact remotely with the machine. It can be programmed to provide operational solutions, making it easy for your staff to operate and incorporating greater automation.

There are also dual grinders and an iSteam automatic steam wand that froths milk to the perfect texture and temperature. It also features an easy 3-step automatic daily cleaning program. If you are looking for an easy-to-use machine for your staff that still offers several drink options, this might be the right one.

Purchasing a commercial espresso machine can be a boon for your business. High-quality espresso beverages continue to be popular in restaurants and coffee bars across the United States. Whether you are considering purchasing a semi-automatic, automatic, or super automatic model commercial espresso machine, your purchase is an investment that you’ll want to have professionally serviced and maintained by a reputable beverage equipment service company. Our experienced team at N.C.B. Sales can assist you in selecting the perfect commercial espresso machine to fit your needs.

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